Who We Are
Andrew Stearns
Founder & CEO

About Our Founder

Andrew Stearns is the founder and CEO of StatFunding. Prior to founding StatFunding, Andrew was a partner at the law firm Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson in Miami, Florida. As CEO Andrew is responsible for overseeing the overall strategic direction and operation of StatFunding, which he started from scratch.

Why Andrew Founded StatFunding

Andrew started StatFunding to tear down the barriers of traditional finance to allow individual and institutional investors to build their own diversified asset backed investment portfolios without opaque synthetic structures and layers of invisible investment managers in faraway places.

What Makes StatFunding Different

Before StatFunding it was virtually impossible for an individual investor to participate in asset backed commercial real estate lending without also participating in a REIT, an investment fund, CMBS, or some other kind of complex and convoluted structured investment vehicle. StatFunding changed all of that by allowing individual investors to assemble their own asset backed portfolios at a granular level. StatFunding allows you, as the investor, to select every asset in your diversified portfolio and to understand exactly how your portfolio works.

As the investor you get to choose what to do with your interest income and return of capital. You can redeploy your returns on a rolling basis in whole or in part, or you can withdraw your returns at any time. What you do with your investment returns is entirely up to you, not the discretion of an unknown investment manager.

Who StatFunding is For

StatFunding is not for everybody. Only accredited investors can invest with StatFunding. Investors on the StatFunding platform are responsible for assembling their own diversified portfolios of investments. If you are not interested in doing the research and analysis required to assemble your own diversified portfolio of investments, then StatFunding is not for you.

StatFunding is for individuals and institutional investors who want to make their own decisions regarding the investments in their portfolios based upon their own unique criteria.

More About Our Founder

During his legal career Andrew represented clients in matters involving the purchase and sale of securities, bank regulation, business valuation, directors and officers liability, insurance coverage, and business restructuring. A significant amount of Andrew's practice was dedicated to representing small and large banks and other financial institutions in complex compliance and litigation matters.